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People those who have used iPod will surely know about Steve Jobs because these products are being established by Apple and he was the CEO of the company. He is also the co-founder of Apple. If you start to read deep about him then you would come to know how he achieved success in all his accomplishments throughout his life. He stayed true both to himself as well as in all his visions. Steve Jobs vision will always be different from others and that is the major reason for his phenomenal success. Throughout his life Steve Jobs has inspired lots of people and through his life itself he proved that passion is the major aspect that differentiates success and failure. He was considered as a tough, demanding and aggressive boss. However these qualities were only responsible for all his tributes. After his death the only question which arises among almost all the people is what will happen to iphone without Steve Jobs.

 After a lot of expectation finally Apple issued a new product in the market. The recent release of iphone 4S did not satisfy the needs of an average amount of people say ten among thousands of Apple phone admirers. The iphone 4S gave its fifth generation appearance but it was not upgraded with any further technology or with regard to fashion style and hence not satisfying the needs of fastidious analysts and customers.

At the first time most of the customers, investors and analysts were disappointed due to the arrival new product iphone 4S without any unique or special features. Due to this failure the stocks of Apple Company went down by 5%. At this time people were keen about how the Apple Company is going to make the difference in iphone 5 without having Steve Jobs. His death is one of the biggest losses to the iphone Apple Company. However people who have great respect on Apple are still waiting for the arrival of the latest Smartphone iphone 5. This means that the previous release iphone 4S was not up to the expectation of the people all over the world. Therefore Steve Jobs has not only created demands among the people but also high expectation. A survey which was made in this regard states that nearly 31% of the people has responded that Apple company has changed a little and 43 % of the people has felt that the expectation towards Apple will hereafter reduce without the presence of Steve and nearly 6 % of the people has said that Apple will still continue to expand its services. This implies that the death of Steve Jobs has certainly reduced the expectation among the consumers. ios 5 jailbreak download But the real fact is the level of expectation will never change when there are so much of Apple fans. On the whole Apple will not fall without Steve Jobs. Still there are lots of product managers, talented engineers and executives. Tim Cook was acting as the CEO of the Apple Company when Steve Jobs was under rest due to his health issues. The company has proved to offer excellent turn over during that period. Jonathan Ive remains to be the lead designer at the back of each and every iphone model. All these symbolize that Apple will survive with the available talented people and offer lots of upgraded iphones.